Praise the Pixies that turned down the heat.

It’s the first day since I got here that it is not uncomfortable when you walk outside. A very noticeable difference compared to a constant stickiness of humidity and sweat. It’s 7pm here, 81 degrees and 84% humidity. It’s almost comparable to Oregon in the summer right now, as in perfect. My apartment wasn’t unbearably hot when I got home from work, which was the real surprise because it’s usually like a sauna. The AC is only for a little air floor because the air was so stale but it will be off shortly.

It’s worth mentioning that a little more of American culture is coming out around the office now that I’ve been here a week and a half. I taught some of the staff “Fist bump” yesterday and today it was “the struggle is real”.

After the instant coffee debacle from a few nights ago, I’m off caffeine for the time being. It’s probably the first time since the 8th grade that I’ve gone three (3) days without coffee in the morning. After more than six years of drinking bean, instant espresso smells like sadness (I’m joking) but it does smell unappetizing and reminds me that some times the uphill battle of being caffeinated isn’t always worth it. So far so good. Three days in and I’m not really experience any withdrawal symptoms. If this going to bed anytime from 8:30 through 10pm continues, I may crawl back to the coffee one way or another. If two weeks here rolls by and I’m still going to bed like I did in the 5th grade, it’s worth a shot. (Espresso joke anyone?)

In the meantime, I’m spending the time before bed sitting in a chair trying to stay awake as blog and watch lectures for my online class. Last night I feel asleep in the middle of a video with my computer open, so I guess you could say the struggle is real. Goal is staying awake until 10:30 tonight without dozing off. Three hours to go.

This morning I woke up to the amazing news that the US Women’s FIFA World Cup soccer team is going to the final match (opponent to be determined sometime on the 2nd between England and Japan, I’m cheering for England). Last year at this time with the Men’s World Cup I was in New York City visiting family and watching games at local watering holes. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to watch the final match on Sunday. I’ve checked FIFA’s website for the time and I’ve tried figuring out if the window it gives me is for the States, where the game is being played, or here in Cebu and it would be amazing to watch the game.  I’ll check again after the next game to see if I can make heads or tails of it, but here’s to an amazing couple of matches in the next few days.

Breakfast this morning was a local mango, a banana, and an orange. Lunch was a 42 peso steam bun from the 7 Eleven near work and tempura for a snack later in the day when someone at work made a run. It’s 10 pesos for a couple of pieces of super fried yummy goodness that comes in a cup and you eat on a skewer. Dinner was lest over spaghetti from last night which was even better cold (yes I ate it out of the rice pot instead of getting a bowl. But I did, however, clean the rice cooker and set it to dry instead of leaving it in the sink overnight, I think that is quality adulting).

As for work, I’ve been here long enough that some of what I’m writing is finding its rightful place when it needs to be and its very cool to see what I researched and wrote is actually posted in the internets. When I was little I always wanted to be a writer and focused on short stories, and to see the dream come full circle and instead be a content writer is a dream come true. This whole experience is pretty amazing. I never in a million years thought I would be living by my self internationally for a summer, let alone working abroad, and even more so the thought that seeing my work online is very spiffy. Ferris was right. and I fully intend to take the time to look around.

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