Arts, Crafts, And What Happens When I Have This Many Drawers

My little sister turned 18 yesterday. Hard to believe she’s not so little any more. In two weeks I will turn 20 and it seems like the summer just passed by barely taking the time to wave and in part because it did. Lots of my stuff that was in my freshman room never made it out of the boxes I packed it out of with the exception of what went with me on my travels, and much more of it was unpack just to repack so in that regard. Blink and you’d miss it.

Today, Friday, marks the end of week two of staff training. Tonight OSU plays Weber State, and holy moley do I hope for a win and as always Go Beavs. As I settle back into the college life, as the sole occupant of a space, I’m finding immense satisfaction in just how much I can make this space my own. It’s not quite the freedom that comes with apartment life- my current room is such that I don’t have the space for much furniture that didn’t come issued with the room outside a shelving unit, a fridge, and a folding chair that I stash under my bed- but the sky is the limit with decorating. Two Harry Potter, a Shakespeare inspired, and a David Bowie poster later my room is looking less generic and more like ‘home’ and the best part is I still have a few more to put up. I’m particularly fond of staying organized with varying degrees of success and much to my contentment I realized I had the space to micro-organize some of what usually resides in my desk into its own designated drawer and boy howdy did I make a wonderful mistake.

The end result of my efforts is a bulletproof arts and crafts drawer. Pens, pencils, high lighters, and sharpies oh my! Stencils, a paper cutter (a ‘grown up’ purchase I have had on my mind since last summer) varying sizes of note cards and post it notes, little tins for small things like staples and pushpins. A cubbie for Command hooks and other things that ‘stick’. A cubbie for binder clips and other things that bind like zip ties (the fact I have hardware things in my craft drawer is sure to make my mother very proud) and binder clips; a whole wide array of tape, crayons, twine, different types of glue, fishing line. All these things together and I am over the moon now that I have a designated space for all the things.

My goal is that before residents move in a little less than two and a half weeks, I have my space organized enough that I charge head first into my second academic year and actually hit the ground running (one more math class and then I’m done with math forever). If I had known I would find such inner peace just from the extent in which I organized my art supplies, I can’t wait to have the time this three-day weekend to further organize. I moved in last week on Monday and did what I needed to get through the first week of training. Last weekend I moved furniture into a more practical configuration and now I’m in the stage of focusing on other drawers I store things- my whole desk is currently empty!

Classes start twenty days from today- it seems to be the magic number of the month- and I’m feeling really good about things. Even just a week ago I was agitated about wanting things to fall into place on the macro so I could figure everything out and plan, and after tonight’s run in with the craft supplies on the micro scale, the coming crusade of finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place is really helping. I can’t wait for the amazing year that is at my doorstep, but first a weekend and probably a little crafting.

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